Creative ID Design-1

Creative ID Design

According to the customer's Idea, combined with our many years of experience, we will generate a sketch for the customer to confirm. After confirming okay, we will carry out 3D modeling. After the overall evaluation of the color, material and process of the product design, the engineer will process the product details to meet the cost. , materials, and production process requirements, and finally present the best product effect to customers.

Product Structure Design

Consider the aesthetics and production feasibility of the product, and strive to make a perfect product under the existing production conditions. The structural design is very important. It not only considers the convenience of processing and installation, but also cares about the maintenance of equipment used by users in daily use.

We must ensure good appearance and product cost control, consider structural innovation in multiple dimensions, reflect product differentiation, and provide guarantee for product completion.

Product Structure Design-1
Product Function Definition-1

Product Function Definition

According to the definition of product functions required by customers, develop and produce corresponding electronic circuits. Overall solutions for software and hardware development and testing, functional prototype development and debugging

Complete Packaging Solutions

We provide complete packaging solutions to create the ideal value for you.

1. Reduce the total cost of the supply chain

Reduce the total cost of the supply chain by optimizing packaging.

2. Use the most suitable material

Based on the study of various material properties and rich application experience, we can customize the most suitable packaging solutions for various products.

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