How to use

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How To Use

1. Do not suck too hard when using it, otherwise it will smoke. Because when you inhale too hard, the smoke is directly sucked into the mouth, and it is not atomized by the atomizer.

2. When smoking, please pay attention to holding your breath for a longer time, because if you smoke for a long time, the smoke in the pod will be fully atomized by the atomizer, resulting in more smoke.

3. Pay attention to the angle of use, keep the suction nozzle facing up, the suction nozzle is inclined downward, and when the suction nozzle is downward, the suction nozzle.

If you smoke with the nozzle down and the stem angled down. If you point the mouthpiece down and the stem up, the smoke will naturally flow into your mouth under the action of gravity.

4. When there is smoke liquid sucked into the mouth, please remove the pod for disassembly, and wipe off the smoke liquid overflowing inside the suction nozzle and the top of the atomizer before use.

5. Keep the battery fully charged. Insufficient battery will also cause the liquid medicine to be inhaled into the mouth without complete atomization.